Reservation Expectations

Reservation Expectations

Reservation Expectations. Mobile Image

Jan 22, 2021

 When you come visit us at Flora’s Bridal all you need to bring is your beautiful self! No special shoes, jewelry or undergarments required (please remember to wear undergarments though, lol).  We also suggest bringing your bestie and or your mom (we can sub-in as a bridal bestie if needed – it’s our fav part of the job!). It’s always a bonus to have the opinions of those you trust most.  


If you would like to bring the whole shebang dang bridal gang you can but be warned- too many opinions can crowd your own, leaving you feeling dazed and confused at the end of the day. Make sure you are a confident and decisive if you are bringing more than just a few friends your first time around.


During your reservation we will explore silhouettes and styles best for you, your venue, and your theme. Each reservation is 90 minutes and we with the current COVID-19 restrictions we ask you keep your guest list to a minimum (4 or less). 


We can’t wait to see you soon!