This Seasons Wedding Style Guide

This Seasons Wedding Style Guide

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Jan 22, 2021

Lace, Lace and more lace!  This season we have seen an influx of brides looking for that perfect lace wedding gown.  Low backs and illusion with lace sleeves are also at the top of our regions most wanted list. 


There are hundreds of styles of lace and each one of them creates a different look and feel.  For example, Chantilly lace, a classic, is great for creating an antique rustic style look, which so many Florida brides adore. If you're looking for a more contemporary look, lace appliques with lattice netting is becoming increasingly popular.  For that art deco feel try an embroidered baroque lace pattern. There truly is a lace to match every style.


A lace gown can sparkle too!  Many designers are using clear beadwork and or sequins hidden throughout the gown to give the gowns a magical shimmer, tastefully, illuminating the bride as she walks down the aisle.


If you are not a fan of all that lace can do, fear not. Simplistic crepe (think Meghan Markle), and satins are making a big comeback. At Flora’s we have found that lace or no lace, many brides want bling!  Adding a sparkle belt or crystal straps to an otherwise classic simple gown will completely transform the gown into an envy worthy one of a kind. Many local stores carry head to toe “bling” (crystal/ rhinestone beaded) gowns as that is a style our region continues to adore. 


As far as bridal gown silhouettes go, there isn’t a specific trend one way or another. The bride herself will always determine the best shape based how she envisioned her wedding and how she feels in each style.  While the trends may come and go, one constant remains; the most important element of a wedding gown is always the bride wearing it.  When she finds that perfect dress style and trends are out the window and all the room can see is a glowing bride in her dream dress.