Wedding Dresses, Food & Trust

Wedding Dresses, Food & Trust

Wedding Dresses, Food & Trust. Mobile Image

Jan 22, 2021

Before you head out shopping for your wedding dress, please, be sure you eat first! We have seen too many brides come in hungry and have trouble selecting a dress /staying focused. We have even had a woman pass out cold on us in the dressing room!  Most ladies don’t realize what hard work it is trying on gowns; you will be worn out and ready for a glass of wine before the day is done!


Another tip: Do your homework regarding styles but trust your bridal consultant. She is there to guide you into a gown that fits your style, your body, AND your budget.  Please try her suggestions! Bridal consultants know what works on what figure, theme and most importantly, what the gown looks like on the body vs. the hanger. Trust. The worst that can happen is you don’t like a gown- no biggie.  The best that can happen is you find your “YES” dress!


And finally, bring people that are going to encourage you, not discourage you. This should be one of your happiest memories so bring your happiest friends!


Bridal Assistant