Wedding Dresses, Food & Trust

Jan 22, 2021

Before you head out shopping for your wedding dress, please, be sure you eat first! We have seen too many brides come in hungry and have trouble selecting a dress /staying focused. We have even had a woman pass out cold on us in the dressing room!...

Wedding Gowns: What to Know Before You Buy

Jan 22, 2021

Every bride dreams of that magical moment when she tries on her wedding gown for the first time. Unfortunately, that dream can quickly go awry if she is not prepared for what lies ahead.  There are several important factors all brides...

From a Flora's Bride!

Mar 06, 2020

  (We promise we didn't bribe her for this blog!) March 06, 2020 As a girl who has never dreamt of her wedding day and scoffs at the idea of ever referring to her fiancé as “prince charming” I went into wedding planning...

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